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How to Make a Guy Run After You! – He Will Chase You As Long As You Understand This
The dating game can be very exciting and confusing all at the same time. When you find a guy you like, going up to him and telling him that you like him is only going to make you look desperate. So what can you do? The best thing to do is to make a guy run after you. Don’t know how? Read on to find out.
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If you don’t have enough self confidence and are intimidated in the company of other girls who look cute and pretty, then it is clear that you need to boost your self ego and learn every trick in the book to make your guy think that you are the cutest thing he’s laid eyes on! Don’t fake anything The more natural you are and the more confident you are in your abilities and looks, the better for you. Boys hate girls who are “put-ons”, snobs and fakes.
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How Long Is Too Long Without Sex?

Sarah asks: “I have been dating a great guy for a little over 5 months. We are both in our 20’s. He has a very demanding job and is extremely busy, while I am a college student with a much more flexible schedule. Our sex life has always been great – we have awesome bedroom chemistry, and it has always been an enjoyable, zesty enterprise for us both. However, he decided to stop drinking for a month – he felt like he was doing it too much. He has lost all interest in sex – we haven’t done it in about a month. He says it is because his emotions and thoughts are all changing and becoming clearer because he has stopped drinking. Also, he is on antidepressants, and I have read that they can decrease libido. He is still very affectionate – we cuddle every night we are together, hold hands and kiss. I asked him if I had put on weight or anything since we started dating, and he insists that I have nothing to do with his lack of libido. Does this seem plausible? If this is a temporary thing, it is definitely worth it for me to wait it out and be patient and give him time, because he is a great person. I just want to know if the reasons he gave me for this seem legitimate. How long is too long without sex, especially in a new-ish relationship between young people?Read more…

How Long Is Too Long Without Sex? originally appeared on Dating on Sunday, March 14th, 2010 at 17:42:58.

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